A brief account of the life and works of alice malsenior walker

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A brief account of the life and works of alice malsenior walker

Although most people know her for her Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Color Purple, Alice Walker has a diverse and interesting history and has contributed to many activist efforts nationwide.

A brief account of the life and works of alice malsenior walker

This accident left her permanently blinded in that eye. Afterwards she felt ugly and her confidence began to fade. One source says that she became shy and introverted, and spent a great deal more time reading and being alone.

While the surgery did not return the vision in her one eye, it did help restore her confidence Alice Walker. Walker graduated from high school in She was valedictorian of her class and was voted prom queen. She decided to attend Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, where she was able to secure a scholarship awarded by the Georgia Department of Rehabilitation to physically challenged students in combination with an academic scholarship.

While at Spelman, she had the opportunity to get involved in causes that she believed in, which she still supports to this day. At the end of her freshman year inWalker was invited to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In August ofshe traveled to Washington, D. From a tree limb afar, she was able to hear Dr.

Walker received a scholarship to Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York, prior to beginning her junior year of college. As a result, she opted to finish her junior and senior year at Sarah Lawrence, where she graduated in with a Bachelor of Arts degree Jokinen.

During her junior year, she traveled to Africa and Europe, which sparked her interest in traveling abroad. However, in her senior year of college, Walker discovered that she was pregnant.

During this time she considered committing suicide and wrote volumes of poetry to help herself deal with her feelings and worst fears. With the help of a friend, she had a safe abortion.

Alice Walker is and has been a strong and outspoken activist on a variety of issues. The next year she moved to Jackson, Mississippi, where she volunteered for voter registration drives and Head Start programs.

While there, she met and instantly fell in love with a young white Jewish law student named Mel Leventhal, who was working for the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi.

She then returned to New York City with him so that he could finish up law school. Soon after being married, the couple returned to Mississippi where Mel pursued civil rights court cases. They received many threats of physical violence because of their inter-racial marriage, which was illegal at that time in Mississippi.

Alice began work as a black history teacher for the local Head Start program, and soon after became pregnant. However, after she heard of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. That same year, her first volume of poetry, titled Once, was published.

In she also gave birth to a daughter, Rebecca Walkerwho has now also written a memoir see book cover left.

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That same year, Walker was appointed writer-in-residence at Tougaloo College in Tougaloo, Mississippi. Continuing to write, inAlice published her first collection of short stories, In Love and Trouble: The following year, she, along with her husband and daughter Rebecca, moved back to New York where she became an editor for Ms.

Her second novel, Meridian, was published in That same year, Alice and her husband, Mel, were divorced. Alice accepted a Guggenheim Fellowship in to concentrate full-time on her writing and moved to San Francisco, California.Alice Walker Alice Malsenior Walker (born February 9, ) is an American author, poet, self-claimed womanist, and activist.

She wrote the critically acclaimed novel. Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Guardar.

A brief account of the life and works of alice malsenior walker

Alice Malsenior Walker was born February 9, , and is an American author and feminist. She received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in for one of her critically acclaimed novel, The Color Purple.

\n \n. They are the famous African-American writers who have fearlessly examined cultural stigmas, provided intimate life details, presented new ideas and created remarkable fiction through. Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Alice Walker is best known for her stories about African American women who achieve heroic stature within the borders of their ordinary day-to-day lives.

Alice Malsenior Walker was born on February 9, , in Eatonton, Georgia, to Willie Lee and Minnie Tallulah. Alice (Malsenior) Color Purple, The Philip K(indred) Life in Theatre, A Walker Joseph A.

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