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We had a great evening of fellowship, good food and fun times. Wendy and I both thank you all for the kind words and support you have extended to me as your president; we value your friendship. If you were not at the banquet you may not have heard, but I announced that I will not be on the ballot for president for After serving four years as president and two years as vice president, I have decided it is time for someone else to take the reigns.

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Zombie Guides and Tricks If you enjoy playing Dead Trigger 2, you will surely like this new game from VNG Game Studios having the same concept of first person shooting game into zombie apocalypse game.

Zombie is that you are able to play this in almost all mobile platform such as iOS, Windows Phone and Android.

Your primary objective in this game is to make through different stages eliminating zombies with your guns. As you make progress you are able to collect gold and cash as well as playing in casino in game as the side mini-game.

As for the story, this is about the world war 3 that happen in year wherein CS Corporation decided to implement their project of Dead Am nsd a wherein prisoners will transform into super combat kills. But then CS betrayed and threaten to trigger a zombie outbreak if the government will fail to follow their interest.

So the zombie apocalypse started to happen as CS successfully infected a whole city to prove that they are serious. Followed by a special commando team which hired to lead the front line for the collection of information before the army can open the full counter attack. So you will play as your in special commando team together with agent M as the only survivor in the route.

When it says premium currency, this can be bought using real cash and you will find it really handy as this can give you everything for your advantage in game.

So as for free gold, you can claim it through Free Gold button located at the top of the map screen. Here you can complete offers and watch advertisement in return of premium currency.

Once you do everything in the list, you can combo back in approximately 10 minutes for more new videos and you can start claim free gold again.

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Zombie different from other shooting game. Casino let you earn more cash and gold that you can use to upgrade your arsenal so you can complete difficult stages.

Here you need to understand the concept and still you need patience in spending hours in casino. Complete quests and achievements.

You can check the map screen and when you see a number pop up next to the achieve and quest buttons, you can go to he menus and find the completed ones to collect your rewards. There is also sets of instructions there to complete your task and for you to collect your currency.

Of course you still need to comply on instructions you need to do but this time it is not about endless videos to watch but sets of tasks that involve gameplay and this gonna be fun.

In playing most shooting game, head shot is the best thing that players can do. And in this game, no matter what gun you are using, you must always go for head shot. There is a trick to do a higher rating of head shot, this is by means of using your machine gun and start firing and then slide the gun straight to the side and you will see that this is able to hit their heads and let you head shot.

You can also aim in chest area too especially if you are in long distance and it is much difficult for you to aim exactly on head. You will see that chest area is broad and upon aiming for it there is a possibility for you to hit their head. Adjust the sensitivity based on your preferences.

Upon playing shooting game, actually most players do is to adjust the sensitivity correspond on their preferences. There are some players like slow sensitivity so they are able to aim at the target without experiencing unnecessary movement while there are also some players wish to have faster sensitivity, so they can aim multiple target faster but this requires advanced control for players.

Through faster sensitivity, you can also change your direction faster and this is perfect in playing shooting game like this.nation Safe Drivers Motor Club (nSD) provides real “peace-of-mind” at affordable rates.

When on the road or around the corner your motor club . We are a group of friends and racers united for one purpose: Promoting nostalgia drag racing in the mid-Atlantic region.

Our members are as varied as their cars.

Am nsd a

The Wireline Competition Bureau works to ensure that all Americans have access to robust, affordable broadband and voice services. Its programs help ensure access to affordable communications for schools, libraries, health care providers, and rural and low-income consumers. It was clear early in Rashaan Evans' life he wasn't like the others.

He would go to bed in his first football jersey, his mother Chenavis Evans remembers. It was a struggle to pull the thing off. An effective public education system develops students who are globally aware, civically engaged, and capable of managing their lives and careers.

Find incidents that have been designated as terrorist attacks by the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Security Division.

DEAD TARGET: Zombie Guides and Tricks