An analysis of the pi ratio in the mathematical philosophy

Mathematician Mark Barr proposed using the first letter in the name of Greek sculptor Phidiasphi, to symbolize the golden ratio. The golden ratio has been claimed to have held a special fascination for at least 2, years, although without reliable evidence.

An analysis of the pi ratio in the mathematical philosophy

She counts the squares, and reports the result: We protest, and the child gets confused. Her puzzlement originates in her belief that she generated arrangement c by doing the same thing we did initially — she considered three batches of three objects, and then counted the objects!

This simple example signals a more serious problem. This is easy to see: See Goodman [], Kripke []. In essence, here Wittgenstein would urge that it is just a brute fact of nature that we are indeed able to avoid this situation, and sort out our confusion, especially after the teachers intervene and signal the mistake we made.

Were we not able to act this way, were the confusions such as the ones described above overwhelmingly prevalent, then the arithmetical practice would not exist to begin with. But see also Fogelin [] for more on these matters. While this might be distressing, there is no guarantee that the child will reach this stage in understanding.

Moreover, the process is gradual: The arithmetical training consists in inculcating in children a certain technique to deploy when presented with situations of the kind discussed here: The arithmetical identities are not reducible to mere manipulations of symbols, but come embedded into, and govern the relations of, arrangement practices.

The arithmetical training consists not only in having the pupils learn the allowed strings of symbols the multiplication table by heart, but also, more importantly, in inculcating in them a certain reaction when presented with arrangements of the kind discussed above.

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At this point, two aspects of the issue should be distinguished. The first is purely descriptive. This is an empirical regularity: The second aspect is normative: When discussing multiplication in LFM X, p. Now do the same sort of thing for these two numbers. This is an experiment—and one which we may later adopt as a calculation.


What does that mean? Well, suppose that 90 per cent do it all one way. Now everybody is taught to do it—and now there is a right and wrong. Before there was not. To indicate the change of status, Wittgenstein uses several suggestive metaphors. The first is the road building process: It is like finding the best place to build a road across the moors.

An analysis of the pi ratio in the mathematical philosophy

We may first send people across, and see which is the most natural way for them to go, and then build the road that way. It is this one that gradually emerges as the most suited for crossing, and the one which the lasting road will follow.

The second metaphor is legalistic: On the other hand, what is in the archives is protected, withdrawn from circulation — that is, not open to change and dispute.

The relations between the archived items are frozen, solidified. Note the normative role of archives as well: A related metaphor we already encountered above is that of the physical process of condensation: It is as if we had hardened the empirical proposition into a rule.

And now we have, not an hypothesis that gets tested by experience, but a paradigm with which experience is compared and judged.

The Greatest Mathematicians

And so a new kind of judgment. RFM VI The elevation to a new status performed because of the robust, natural agreement is indicated by archiving: Because they all agree in what they do, we lay it down as a rule, and put it in the archives.List of the Greatest Mathematicians ever and their Contributions.

An analysis of the pi ratio in the mathematical philosophy

Ludwig Wittgenstein: Later Philosophy of Mathematics. Mathematics was a central and constant preoccupation for Ludwig Wittgenstein (–). He started in philosophy by reflecting on the nature of mathematics and logic; and, at the end of his life, his manuscripts on these topics amounted to thousands of pages, including notebooks and correspondence.

An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers.

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I have an Excel spreadsheet of data like: ColumnA ColumnB 33 11 25 5 6 4 What i would like to do is add a third column which shows the ratio of columnA to columnB in the format of A:B.

The golden ratio has been claimed to have held a special fascination for at least 2, years, although without reliable evidence.

According to Mario Livio. Some of the greatest mathematical minds of all ages, from Pythagoras and Euclid in ancient Greece, through the medieval Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa and the Renaissance astronomer .

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