An effective teaching considers multicultural perspective

Teaching with a Multicultural Perspective.

An effective teaching considers multicultural perspective

The Algebra Project -- an exceptional math education program, now nationally recognized, created by Civil Rights activist and Harvard Ph.

Diversity in Biology -- a report presenting information about women and people of color who have made significant contributions to the field of biology. Multicultural Resources for Physical Education -- some good resources and links.

Germantown Academy's Multicultural Games Site -- a great resource about games of many cultures -- includes teaching and student research ideas. Multicultural Games -- links to informational sites about games from all over the world.

Multicultural Health Education -- an article written about health education in Canada with relevance beyond that country. Voices from the Gaps -- a great website about "women writers of color" -- good bios and links.

An effective teaching considers multicultural perspective

Just Think -- an interesting media production program for youth that teaches critical media literacy and other important skills. Hip Hop Education -- an article about Martha Diaz and her efforts to combine hip hop and filmmaking to teach reading, writing, and more.

A Framework for Culturally Responsive Teaching - Educational Leadership Promote social justice and equity Enable students to succeed economically in an integrated, multicultural world [4] The outcomes listed might require great investment or additional effort from the teacher to ensure that the goals being sought are met.
Locked in Mid-Century Together, as parents and educators, we must instill in our children an interest in learning about the world early on.

H2Ed -- the website of this innovative program and organization that "connects educators, social workers, parents, and youth to use Hip-Hop culture as an effective way to inform, educate, and activate youth" -- started by Marth Diaz and Tricia Wing -- soon they will have lesson plans and more at this website.

World Music With Teeth -- a radio segment about a South African rock band pronounced Black Jacks that "specializes in a shadowy, foreboding style of progressive rock that's distinctly African.

Beneath fantastic tangles of electric guitar are superheated beats — rhythms that have roots in the "township jive" dance music that erupted in South Africa in the s. Shattering the Silences -- a documentary that explores issues of faculty diversity in American higher education in the mids, focusing on the experiences of eight minority scholars in the humanities and social sciences at a wide range of institutions.

The program illustrates ways in which teaching and research by these scholars -- who are Asian-American, African-American, Native American, and Latino -- affects students, university communities, and the academic disciplines in which they work, and the triumphs and disappointments they encounter in their personal lives and academic careers.

Peace Corps Web Site -- focuses on issues of culture globally and provides multicultural lesson plans for teachers at different grade levels.

Prep for Prep -- a successful program that demonstrates the fundamental power and value of high expectations and real opportunity in education. Projects for every discipline and age. America, A Home for Every Culture -- this website has lesson plans for th graders.

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It gives students the opportunity to explore how various cultures have contributed to making the United States the unique and diverse country that it is today. Cultural Aspects of Spanish in America -- a resourceful website that's designed for Spanish teachers or students in a Spanish class and discusses the cultural aspects of Spanish in America.

The Miller Early Childhood Initiative -- a great website that fosters multiculturalism and encourages children to respect and embrace differences. In Time Multicultural Education - This website is aimed at assisting educators in addressing multicultural issues within the classroom in hopes of decreasing inequalities based on race, class, ethnicity, and gender.

Education of Minority Children - This article written by Thomas Sowell is highlights the past successes of black public schools and is a reminder of what can be achieved despite the societal hardships endured by minorities. Critical Multicultural Pavilion - This website provides information about the importance of multicultural education and includes and tips for educators who wish to include culturally responsive teaching methods in their classrooms.

Education and Racial Inequality - This report offers information regarding the education of minority students, focusing on the achievement disparities that exist based on race and ethnicity.

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Status and Trends in Education - This report focuses on disparities in educational achievement, highlighting differences in race, living arrangement, poverty, parental education and other factors that play a role in a child's academic standing.

National Multicultural Institute -- This website provides resources about multiculturalism, and has training resources for purchase.of results for "teaching with a multicultural perspective" Early Childhood Development: A Multicultural Perspective (6th Edition) Jan 17, by Jeffrey Trawick-Smith.

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Diverse Teaching Strategies for Diverse Learners

FREE Shipping on eligible orders. · Introduction Since all behaviors are learned and displayed in a particular cultural context, the culturally competent counselor must address the client's cultural

An effective teaching considers multicultural perspective

· Teaching with a multicultural perspective encourages appreciation and understanding of other cultures as well as one's own. Teaching with this perspective promotes the child's sense of the uniqueness of his own culture as a positive characteristic and enables the child to accept the uniqueness of the cultures of Effective multicultural communication is much more than the use of a common language or media.

The primary objective of this volume is to examine the role of health communication within the context of health promotion and disease prevention (HPDP), which make up the new public health paradigm for achieving the health objectives of our This paper discusses teaching with a multicultural perspective in early childhood education.

It is emphasized that a major goal of multicultural education is to help children become accustomed to the idea that there are many . · This study explored teachers’ perspectives and the experiences that shaped their perspectives towards multicultural diverse classrooms, and how their practices reflect their

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