Business plan for led lighting in india

Inthe Noida-headquartered public sector company—with financial backing from NTPC Limited, Power Finance Corporation, Rural Electrification Corporation, and Power Grid Corporation of India—was hardly what it was meant to be, relegated mostly to the job of consulting and helping state governments prepare their action plans on saving energy. There were lots of states that were preparing their action plans and they were getting budgets. So we took a conscious decision as management that we will now focus on project implementation.

Business plan for led lighting in india

The Ministry of Urban Development has ordered the state governments throughout the country to replace all street lights with LED bulbs, which give better illumination with less energy consumption. The minister said the LED program is being implemented as a massive energy efficiency mission.

India has some 35 million street lights, which generate a total demand of 3, MW. At its inception, the plan was to cover cities by Marchand the remaining ones by Marchtargeting million bulbs and 35 million street lights. Now, it appears the street lights will be upgraded to LED ahead of schedule.

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As most of the ULBs were not in a position to bear the high initial capital cost by themselves, four central government power utilities partnered to set up Energy Efficiency Services Limited. Goyal said Energy Efficiency Services has succeeded in bringing down the price of an LED bulb to a quarter of what it was 18 months ago.

There are many benefits to installing LEDs. The LED bulbs are safe and non-hazardous. They do not contain toxic materials such as mercury vapor, and do not release poisonous gases if damaged.

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LEDs have excellent color rendering index, making it easier for drivers to detect and react to potential hazards on the road. LEDs do not attract nocturnal flying insects. LEDs are not sensitive to cold temperatures, and they can withstand snow and rain.

business plan for led lighting in india

But there are disadvantages too. The risk of glare is high, according to a French government study published in Meenakshi Dewan of Orissa, India is a solar power engineer, who can install solar panels in rural homes.

But, I am confident that we will accomplish this mission within days. Calling for the creation of a smart, energy efficient India, Goyal exhorted youth to lead the world and leave a healthier legacy for generations to come.LED lighting business is the first product business of Indiabulls group.

For 17 years, it has operated only in the services segment. Access to public lighting is an important element of international development and LED public lighting provides additional benefits beyond those typically provided by traditional forms of lighting.

Its electricity consumption is 40 to 60 percent lower, and the quality of light is generally perceived. is the digital avatar of Electronics Bazaar Magazine.

business plan for led lighting in india

EB is India’s first sourcing magazine in the electronics space that aims to provide a B2B platform for the sale and purchase of electronics products in India. Read more about Business plan for cheap energy-efficient LED bulbs on Business Standard. Households will be able to buy energy-efficient LED bulbs at a steeply discounted price of Rs 10 following a business plan developed by group of government entities along with electricity distribution firms.

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Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) organizes an exclusive business-matching activity to help raise joint investment for LED, Solar energy and Electronics market during LED Expo Thailand The program enabled “exhibitors” to have a one-on-one discussion with the qualified “buyers” from the wide range network of Thailand Board of.

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