Diefenbaker essay

Each year a large scale production is presented, giving any interested students a chance to show off their exceptional skills. As a final project in grade 12, students in both Performing Arts programs are given the opportunity to direct or stage-manage their own, student driven, 45 minute productions. Each production is presented in the evenings in the theatre, giving students and staff a chance to view them. At the beginning of each year, students wishing to enter the school bands attend band auditions.

Diefenbaker essay

Canadian Minuets, ca by George Heriot Painting showing black musicians present at a dance in Lower Canada Diefenbaker essay A second wave of blacks entered Canada from the United States on the 'underground railway,' a legendary escape route for runaway slaves that has contributed to the erroneous myth that most blacks in Canada are the descendants of slaves By there were only fifteen thousand blacks living throughout the Canadian colonies, and it wasn't until West Indians began immigrating to Canada in large numbers in the Diefenbaker essay that the country's black population increased significantly.

Many of the African Americans coming to Canada at this time ended up in southern Ontario, including, it is believed, the parents of R Nathaniel Dett, a Canadian ragtime composer discussed in more detail in Chapter 2: Without enough funds, most of the Black fugitives could not venture deep into Canada and terminated their run in Ontario communities near the United States border.

While no official data are available on the number of Black fugitives crossing into Canada during this era, Diefenbaker essay is estimated that about ten thousand fugitives were in Canada prior to and, between andperhaps twenty thousand Blacks entered Canada.

One side effect of this mass movement of blacks in search of work was the flow of black music, and especially the blues, from south to north — a musical migration that would, in a relatively short time, profoundly alter the character of music played around the world.

The development of the Grand Trunk Railway and the Canadian Pacific Railway created employment for some blacks as porters and "sporting clubs" began to spring up in St Antoine district of Montreal in the late 's where music became an important part of the community: Music was an important ingredient in the social life of the black community, and there was certain to have been a contingent of local black musicians to play for dances, weddings, parades, and picnics.

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In Canada, there was a strong conservative, Puritan attitude held by many in authority that led, among other things, to until only quite recently laws that closed stores for Sunday shopping in Canada in most provinces.

This Puritan attitude is reflected in the following article from the August 15,edition of The Globe in which a teacher comments that "evil" ragtime music should play no part of the kindergarten curriculum: Mrs Jenkins strongly denounced the "rag-time" music so commonly heard now, and said it was not musical, and it was vitiating and vulgar to permit such a thing.


Likewise, a few months later in the December 23,edition of The Globe, in the "Music and the Drama" section, a review of an operetta by Sir Arthur Sullivan talks of the "tyranny" of ragtime and two-steps: It was a veritable pleasure to hear once more a specimen of a genuine comic operetta, and to escape the monotonous tyranny of ragtime and "two-steps" which have formed the basis of so many of the comic opera productions which have of late years been presented in Toronto.

However, the same newspaper on October 17,page 19, printed the following praise of ragtime music by none other than John Philip Sousa: Recently the New York Sun published an interview with John Philip Sousa in Chicago, in which he re-asserted that ragtime will last as long as the great operas.

It will never die King Edward VII liked it so well that he asked us to play more of it In addition, ragtime was popular enough to be used, in part, by Heintzman and Company to promote their pianos in the following advertisement from the December 6,edition of The Globe: However, it would seem that ragtime was only one of several styles of instrumental music being played at this time in addition to any number of saccharine waltzes or patriotic songs and marches.

The music written by these composers did not compare in quality with the masterworks of European literature or in modernism with European avant garde music of the turn of the century.

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But it did cover a wide range of types, from church anthems, parlous songs, and pieces for piano students to choral-orchestral works of considerable proportions, and it also included a sprinkling of serious instrumental music.

Much of it was the workaday product of more or less competent craftsmen; some revealed the imagination of sensitive and erudite artists.

He describes a piano being delivered to the Red River Academy military station on the site of modern Winnipeg as early as and further westward: While a violin, clarinet, or concertina added only little weight to a pioneer's baggage, it was a problem of a different sort to transport pianos around Cape Horn or on carts across the prairie plains and rivers and over mountains passes to satisfy the musical desires of pioneer settlers.

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Yet this is what was done Pianos were packed on mules at a rate of a dollar a pound from Quesnel to Barkerville, the centre of the Cariboo gold region. Dancehalls and saloons had grown up there overnight, and the hurdy-gurdy girls charged ten dollars or more a dance Victoria circa ; Prince Albert ; Lethbridge ; and Vancouver Kallmann suggests that part of the demand for pianos was due to the desire of pioneer women to have a civilized form of entertainment: The vogue for pianos was due largely to the pioneer women, for many prospective brides from England and eastern Canada made it a condition that they be provided with a piano in their homes.

Women associated these instruments with the dignity and conventionality of the older communities they had left.original social credit mla's.

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Diefenbaker essay

Election Result Party Tallies - pdf. Richard Bedford Bennett, 1st Viscount Bennett, PC, KC (3 July – 26 June ), was a Canadian lawyer, businessman, and politician. He served as the 11th Prime Minister of Canada, in office from to He led the Conservative Party from to Bennett was born in Hopewell Hill, New Brunswick, and grew up in nearby Hopewell attheheels.com studied law at Dalhousie University.

The Short-Lived Big Impact trope as used in popular culture. Sometimes a show, performer or franchise, for some reason or another, doesn't last too long. Free bilingualism papers, essays, and research papers.

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The Effect of Bilingualism on The Working Memory - Introduction Learning and memory are related to each other. Introduction to Sociology. Concerts, sports games, and political rallies can have very large crowds.

When you attend one of these events, you may know only the people you came with. The politics of health care.

Diefenbaker essay

In the Canadian federal election, Stockwell Day (b. ), the conservative candidate for prime minister, famously brandished this sign during a televised debate, lest anyone think he was soft on the issue of privatizing health care. Conservative politicians are often on the defensive about health care policy, since .

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