Dissertation development finance

Students should consult with their department for individual department policies regarding the paper. Qualifying Examination Students must appear for a qualifying examination after completion of all coursework and the curriculum paper to demonstrate that they have: Guidelines for the examination are available from the departments. Dissertation Following successful completion of the qualifying examination, the student will develop a research proposal for the dissertation.

Dissertation development finance

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The finance specialist utilises modern skills, techniques and systems to successfully source and provide an adequate flow of accessible funds to buy, sell and develop land and buildings.

This course is intended to give you a detailed understanding of property finance and the associated property appraisal techniques and processes, encompassing both legal and social aspects.

You will analyse investment and development finance situations and respond to particular financial problems with derived solutions. You will also be able to appraise options and independently evaluate alternative courses of action.

The design of the course recognises the significant challenges of providing an educational experience that is practical, relevant and challenging and meets the requirements of the relevant professional bodies. The programme, while still providing the discipline and structure of regular attendance at the University, aims to give a practical educational structure through workshops and projects.

Course structure The following modules are indicative of what you will study on this course. Core modules Dissertation The Dissertation development finance for this module comprises the completion of Dissertation development finance dissertation or major research project, and incorporates a guided reflective exercise on personal and professional development.

You can opt for a traditional academic dissertation which identifies a hypothesis and research questions, involves some original research, draws conclusions and, if appropriate, makes recommendations. Alternatively you can complete a defined project involving the preparation of a strategy or action plan for an issue relevant to your studies, and include a 20,word reflection on, and evaluation of, the strengths and weaknesses of the approach and the constraints which are likely to impact on the proposals.

You will gain a grounding in property as an asset class, and a practical and theoretical appreciation of the techniques and practices currently being used in the management and valuation of commercial property. In the financial element of this module, you will explore issues relating to accounting principles and financial management accounts, and the implications of tax.

Equally important is an appreciation of ratio analysis and strategy. You will develop mastery of the key principles and their operation in practice of English Law relating to business, including contract, tort, real estate law and regulatory regimes which particularly affect the property industry.

You will also gain a greater understanding of legal theory, including statute and judicial precedent; the role of Europe; tort, contract and business law; administrative law and regulatory regimes; real estate law; and landlord and tenant law. Lending and Risk Strategies In this module you will address the strategic role of lending in the property sector.

The sector has become dependent upon lenders for the vast majority of cash inflows, and in this module you will look at the history of the involvement of lenders, and the risk assessment and procedures involved in lending on property.

The study of traditional banking will be supplemented with investment banking techniques. Policy and Practice Property is a major contributor to asset holding and investment in most economies.

You will examine the bigger picture around property and money. You will look at differing sources of funds for investment and development of property, both residential and commercial, and investigate the thought processes used to make decisions on whether to proceed with a particular deal.

You will also examine bank and fund strategy at the highest level.

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The emphasis is on the needs of end users of developments, and those other key players in the development process. There will be an emphasis on commercial real estate development, but the module will also serve well those requiring an understanding of mixed use and residential development projects and processes.

The legal focus will centre on the system in England and Wales although techniques and examples will be drawn from a range of jurisdictions.

You will explore the concepts and law surrounding the valuation and feasibility of developing land and buildings to an advanced level. This module includes a study trip to New York. You will develop an understanding of, and familiarity with, the legal background to the landlord and tenant relationship, and its application in practice.

Dissertation development finance

You will also consider and discuss points of practical difficulty and complexity involved in negotiating lease terms and their subsequent implementation.

He also actively works as a development consultant and regularly acts as an expert witness and works for and on behalf of local authorities and housing associations.Student Services Building, SS • () • FAX () • Contact Us.

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This discipline is focused on understanding the dynamics of regions as smaller economies with their own circumstances and outcomes. The focus is on internal working of the regional economies as well as on their interaction with other regions.

• Behavioural finance: A study on the motivation of. Property Finance is a well-established area of essential expertise within the real estate industry for the purchase and development of properties which may have varying levels of complexity.

The finance specialist utilises modern skills, techniques and systems to successfully source and provide an. Dissertations The DV and MY dissertation is a major component of the MSc programme and an important part of the learning and development process involved in postgraduate education.

Dissertation development finance

San Jose State University One Washington Square, San Jose, CA © The Dissertation Proposal Development (DPD) Program is an interdisciplinary training program that helps graduate students in the humanities and social sciences formulate dissertation research proposals through exposure to the theories, literatures, methods, and .

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