Electronic pocket calendars supply chain management game

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Electronic pocket calendars supply chain management game

This course is designed to develop skills in financial analysis and planning by evaluating theory and application through case studies. Managerial Economics Private- and public-sector managers face economic problems that demand an applicable understanding of economic theory. Prioritizing practicality, this course covers economic problem solving, consumer demand, demand elasticity, complex pricing decisions, strategic game theory, international economics and more for a comprehensive understanding.

Multinational Financial Analysis Market imperfections are easy targets for multinational corporations, which is why this course focuses on how to identify and exploit them through applied principles and tools of economics, accounting and finance specific to multinational corporations.

Portfolio Management The theory of investment focuses on investment decisions, portfolio strategies and the structure of capital markets.

This course explores how modern portfolio theory affects investment decisions and performance evaluation. Options, Futures and Derivative Securities The worldwide derivatives market consists of financial contracts.

This course deals with the world of financial instruments—known as derivatives—and their role as contracts in managing risk that arises from interest rates, exchange rates, stock prices and commodity prices.

Quantitative Methods for Finance Statistics is the art and science of collecting, analyzing, presenting and interpreting data with the objective of improving decision-making.

As such, it plays an important role in financial decision processes, which is why this course involves practice in using statistical methods that have wide applicability in business and financial decision making. Fixed Income Analysis This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of fixed-income markets, fixed-income securities and tools employed by market participants to the analysis of fixed-income investments.

Cases in Financial Management Learn how to apply strategic financial decision-making to real-world financial and business problems through case studies and projects.

Electronic pocket calendars supply chain management game

A code of ethics and the standards of professional conduct for finance professionals are also explored. Created to Advance Your Career Our esteemed finance faculty, comprehensive coursework, and intuitive learning platform will enable you to strengthen your investment and finance management skills.

Designed for Balance Each course follows an 8-week schedule, which means you can continue advancing your career while excelling in your current position.

This format allows you to take multiple classes per semester, concentrate on one concept at a time, and keep your family commitments. Designed by Experts All classes for the M. Professors will frequently serve as on-camera guides to break down the lesson.

A Classroom in Your Pocket Our mobile app will send you notifications for course updates and give you the option to message faculty or jump into coursework no matter where you are.

Live Class Sessions Live group discussions that are also recorded for later access will keep you on track and allow you to collaborate with faculty and fellow scholars in your class.

Technology Requirements Technology Requirements Minimum technology requirements include a webcam and microphone, as well as an operating system that is compliant with the online learning platform, Canvas. Screen Size Canvas is best viewed at a minimum resolution of xTeachers can avoid paying out of pocket for school supplies because with PodKeeper, teachers can create a school supply wish list and ask parents to bring what the class needs.

Teachers can post new lists throughout the year as they need more items. In this supply chain game, retailers sell electronic pocket calendars to their customers and place replenishment orders to their wholesaler.

The wholesaler sells the pocket calendars to the retailers and orders the calendars from a distributor. Cheap Books Online at The Works, with up to 80% off RRP. Visit your family friendly discount book store now to buy Cheap Books Online.

Supply Chain Game / Process Management Game Airplanning. Organising the chain to give the customer the best possible service, that is the secret behind success in this supply chain and process management game.

A computer is a device that can be instructed to carry out sequences of arithmetic or logical operations automatically via computer attheheels.com computers have the ability to follow generalized sets of operations, called programs.

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These programs enable computers to perform an . Product Bundles. When multiple products are used in a single course there is a discount. For example, adding the electronic beergame to a course already using another product—Littlefield or the Supply Chain Game—would .

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