Elements of literature essay fiction poetry drama

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Elements of literature essay fiction poetry drama

Foreshadowing Plot A plot is the sequential arrangement of incidents, ideas, or events. In literature, the plot encompasses all the incidents and provides aesthetic pleasure.

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The story of the novel progresses through various plots and conflicts. Plots of dramas are divided into "Acts" and "Scenes". Drama has five essential parts. Introduction of the story - where the characters and setting are introduced Rising action Falling action Denouement Playwrights use dialog to develop their plots.

They reveal information about their characters such as their background and personality. Character Character plays a pivotal role in a drama, novel, short story, and all kinds of narratives.

In drama, the character reflects the personality of the protagonist and other related characters. The method of conveying information about characters in art is called characterization.

Characters can be fictional or based on real, historical entities. They can be human, supernatural, mythical, divine, animalistic, or personifications of an abstraction. There are round characters, flat characters, stereotypical stock characters, etc. Faustus", Faustus is the main character of the play.

Setting It refers to geographical location of the story, time period, daily lifestyle of the characters, and climate of the story.

In a novel, the setting plays an important role. It is alternatively significant and non-significant in short stories. Supernatural elements were abundant in earlier literature, while absurdity rules the roost as of today.

Setting can take place in a house, school, castle, forest, hospital, or anywhere that the writers may want to extend their scenes. Theme Theme is a prime element of literature, which contains the central idea of all literary forms.

It reflects innocence, experience, life, death, reality, fate, madness, sanity, love, society, individual, etc. Likewise, in a drama, theme represents the brief idea of the drama.

Elements of literature essay fiction poetry drama

Structure Structure is another important element of a drama, novel, or short story. In dramas, there are plots and subplots. These also are divided into acts and scenes. Here, the contrasting subplots give the main plot an additional perspective.

Likewise, novels have different chapters and scenes.

Poetry, Prose, Drama, Non-Fiction, and Media: The Five Main Types of Literature

Point of view Point of view is another element of the narrative, through which a writer tells the story. Authors use the first-person or the third-person point of view. The former indicates that the main character is telling the story, whereas the latter directs that the narrator is telling the story.

A novel can be written in the first-person narrative, third-person narrative, an omniscient point of view, a limited omniscient point of view, a stream of consciousness, and an objective point of view.

These points of view play an important role in the distinct structure of the story or a play.Buy Elements of Literature: Essay, Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Film 4th edition () by Robert Scholes, Carl H.

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Providing the most thorough coverage available in one volume, this comprehensive, broadly based colle /5(7). Literary elements, Elements of Drama, and Plot Structure LA 9 Honors for midterm.


Elements of literature essay fiction poetry drama

Poetry that uses elements of drama. Point of View. The relationship of the narrator to the story. or situation from another .

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