Garuda indonesia case analysis essays and term papers

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Garuda indonesia case analysis essays and term papers

Air Asia Overview Essay 1.

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The study demonstrates the diverse business-level, corporate level and competitive strategies of AirAsia Berhad, Garuda indonesia case analysis essays and term papers crucial roles in the LCC to successfully penetrate the under-served market segment of the airline industry within the ASEAN region.

An in-depth analysis using a wide array of academic resources, relevant financial, legal and management resources and authorized websites, including face-to-face interviews were used to provide a more consequential comprehension on the varied business and international strategies that were implemented by AirAsia Berhad.

Further analysis using the BCG Matrix, lends evidence to the successful growth of the organization. Additionally, the international strategies that were implemented exhibit the foresight of the airline. The study concludes by adopting the balance scorecard framework to evaluate the organization from four pertinent perspectives of an organization which includes financial performance, customer knowledge, internal business process and learning and growth.

The Group focuses on providing high-frequency services on short-haul, point-to-point domestic and international routes. AirAsia was resurrected, re-branded and re-launched as a low-cost carrier following the acquisition of the Company by Tune Air Sdn Bhd in December AirAsia operates more than 3, flights a week and in its short history, has ferried more than 90 million guests.

AirAsia offers a simple service at fares lower than those offered by other full-service airlines. AirAsia was established to create a new aviation product in Malaysia, revolutionize air travel, and grow the local aviation market by providing low fares so more people can fly.

It also formed 2 successful joint ventures in Thailand through Thai AirAsia, and Indonesia through Indonesia AirAsia, expanded its fleet from the two to twenty eight.


To date the AirAsia group, has carried over 35 million guests. When the company grows larger, it will direct more people to recognize AirAsia easily, in other words it brings strong brand identity to the customers.

Besides that, in the new vision statement AirAsia interpreted as becoming the leader in flight industry in Asia, and obviously the original vision statement of AirAsia does not including this.

Furthermore, in the new vision statement states that AirAsia wants to delivers the best flying experience to the customers, in fact this is another new direction that AirAsia can look into as customers today are concern about the services more than the features that the company can provider.

This simply means that AirAsia needed to keep providing trainings and empower among the employees to make sure the work flow is carrying efficiently and productivity. While building well relationships between employees and top management can be done by organizing team building and applying good working policy to the AirAsia workforce.

This mission statement helps guiding AirAsia for shaping its whole organization structure well and flat. As the others airline, the main objectives of AirAsia is to carry as much passenger as they can.

SinceAirAsia proposed to have an average of 70 million passengers a year and also wishes to turn their budget terminal to the region hub for the entire low cost carrier in Southeast Asia. Other than that, AirAsia also wished to develop in its service such as opening more routes and as a result it could be able to add more frequencies.

Bilateral agreement is one of the main obstacles in the way of low cost carriers. Landing charges is also another big influencing factor on costing of low fare airlines. The low- cost airline industry in south-east Asia has been underdeveloped because the aviation market is tightly regulated by bilateral air rights agreements.

Privatization and deregulation of governments presented opportunities for new routes and airport deals through open-skies agreements between countries, or the permission of the entry of private airlines, reducing the constraints for international airlines.

Having domestic routes could lead Air Asia to the trial of long haul flight to attain the penetrate an undeveloped market share. Globalization can also result in global uncertainty, something that Air Asia come avoid and preventing.

For example like accidents, terrorist attacks and disaster this may happen suddenly. These kinds of matters will strongly affect the customer confidence and they may able to choose others airlines as their consumer target.

It will intense affecting the threat of losing its profitability or even bankrupt. As Air Asia is subjected to government interference and regulation on airport deals and passenger compensation, Air Asia can only minimize its negative impacts by selecting routes that are favorable.

Noise pollution is being created by Air Asia airports, for those people who are living near the airport might constantly hear the airplanes departing and arriving sound. This carbon footprint will lead to greenhouse effect therefore the cause of global warming. Beside that if people absorb too much of carbon feet print if might linked to heart disease, breathing difficulties and cancer along with other health issues.The research papers in this volume are based on analysis of macro data large scale surveys and small scale field studies with focus in different states of India.

Air Asia Overview -

The volume is organized into four major sections Methodological issues. The SWOT analysis is an appraisal of the organization’s internal resources and abilities and the external environment’s chances and menaces. In order to place a strategic niche that the organisation Read More "SWOT Analysis Garuda Indonesia Airlines Essay".

Abstract. Indonesia has been haunted by the “spectre of communism” since the putsch by military officers on 1 October That event saw the country's top brass murdered and the military attributing this putsch to the Communist Party.

Garuda indonesia case analysis essays and term papers

The genocide that followed was triggered by a . Garuda indonesia - wikipedia Garuda Indonesia (PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk IDX: GIAA) is the national airline of Indonesia. Immigration essay, term papers, research paper 5/2/ · Immigration essay papers. Immigration essays / Immigration's Role In The Development Of.

Essays; Term Papers; Dissertations; Writing Service; SWOT Analysis Garuda Indonesia Airlines. Filed Under: Business plans Tagged With: Marketing. 3 pages, words. Case Garuda Indonesia case of the Garuda Indonesia they are the most prestige airlines in the country the best solution to the problem is In every business, .

Garuda Indonesia (Garuda) is the oldest flight company in Indonesia and owned by the government. In , in its 60th anniversary-an age that should enter or in mature position- it showed more losses than profit (like shown in the 5 consecutive years of financial statement).

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