Gc3 candidates observation sheet gp

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Gc3 candidates observation sheet gp

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. On the above date at the stated location a health and safety inspection was carried out by the named person.

The centre processes approximately thousand tons of waste on an annual basis and activities include baling and compacting waste streams which is carried out by 2 static bin lift compactors, 1 horizontal baler and 1 vertical baler. The site has a zero to landfill accreditation and strictly follows their duty of care implementing the waste hierarchy control measures.

Gc3 candidates observation sheet gp

Whilst many good practices were found to be in place there were also numerous minor issues that whilst independently do not constitute major concerns, collectively if not addressed could constitute the beginning of significant failures to the sites Health and Safety Policy.

During the above mentioned Health and Safety inspection whilst many good practices were observed numerous Health and Safety issues were found that require immediate actions.

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These actions are a legal requirement under the employers duties as stated in The Health and Safety at Work Actsection 2 3. It is strongly advised that recommendations listed receive swift actions as a failure to do so may result in civil or criminal prosecution. Many of the issues uncovered were as a result of site policies and procedures not being effectively communicated, a key recommendation is to review communication methods and training policies in order to correct the issues found during this inspection.

Main findings of the inspection: A number of physical hazards were found including slippery floors, trailing cables, unsafe furniture, faulty IT and missing safety signage.

Some of these are easy fixes such as refresher training and tool box talks but others will require time and investment such as extra drainage. In contravention to legislation: Good findings were that all FLT drivers had received above and beyond minimum training requirements, however due to the volume of traffic and pedestrians a transport risk assessment and segregation plan is urgently required.

Lock off procedure was not being followed, retraining, possible disciplinary advised. Machines had pure assessments in place but issues were still found. Electricity at work regs Kettle n the office had no PAT and was removed during inspection.

Damage socket on FLT charger was also locked off during inspection. Location of electrical panels next to high volume of traffic is not ideal.

Drainage from the centre was found to be inadequate and in a poor state of hygiene. COSHH cupboard found unlocked. MSDS sheets missing and personnel not adequately vaccinated. On the whole the area had many good Health and Safety practices, however there were areas that were either missing appropriate policies or procedures or policies and procedures were in place but not being followed.

A suggestion is made to review the whole Health and Safety Management system using a plan do check act approach incorporating looking at the Health and Safety policies and procedures, targets and objectives, roles and responsibilities, implementation and operation, checking, auditing and reviewing.

Recommendations — include as a table in the following format:Course Notes - 1B. For Later. save. Related. Info. Embed. Share. Print.

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GC3 – THE HEALTH AND Candidate’s observation. SAFETY PRACTICAL APPLICATION sheet. Sheet number of _____ Student name Student number.  GC3 – THE HEALTH AND Candidate’s observation SAFETY PRACTICAL APPLICATION sheet Sheet number 1 of 6 Student name Stacey Shaw Student number Place inspected Athelstan Primary School Date of inspection 09 / 06 / Observations Control measures Timescale Hazards and consequences Immediate .

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Solis GP, Hannbeck. APPENDIX 1 GC3 – The Health and Safety Practical Application Candidate and course provider declarations: For completion by the candidate: I declare that the work submitted for this practical application assessment ie. the completed observation sheets and the report to management, is my own work.

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