Immortal jellyfish

Inscientists working for Calicoa company owned by Alphabetpublished a paper in the journal eLife which presents possible evidence that Heterocephalus glaber Naked mole rat do not face increased mortality risk due to aging. Asymmetrically dividing bacteria and yeast also age.

Immortal jellyfish

Moritz is one of the most respectable ski resorts in the Swiss Alps. In the brochures of tourist operators, St. Moritz is described as a place of "leisure for the demanding clients".

This resort has managed to astonish me more than once. However, it is not because of the restaurants located among the ski tracks, where visitors are served black caviar in ski boots and truffles, it is not because of the orchestra with live Immortal jellyfish, and it is lastly not because of the "light, healing, and sparkling champagne air".

I was first surprised by a story told by my friends, who had come back from St. According to them and as well as statistics, this blissful place has sunny days a year, which is extremely important for skiers. So, my friends stayed at St. Moritz for a week and were "lucky" to get those five cloudy days.

On the other hand, the sixth day, as expected, was sunny. The next time I was surprised was when I was visiting St. I stopped at a small local store to see if I could find a sweater for myself.

I picked a nice one off the shelf, automatically checked the price tag and was completely shocked. It immediately reminded me of an old joke about a visitor carefully studying a menu in a restaurant and then asking the waiter; "Are these prices or phone numbers?

The sweater that had caught my eye had a price tag of 6, Euros about 8, US dollars. Apparently, my face expressed such surprise that the elderly and very polite owner of the store told me that the sweaters on the other shelf were cheaper.

I approached that shelf and checked the price: So I decided to forego purchasing clothing for now, and I instead called the AirGrisha Company and hired a helicopter for three hours — all for the price of one sweater. During that flight I created 40 panoramas, 9 of which are shown on this website.

Immortal jellyfish

Now, here is some information about St. Moritz is rightfully considered the "King" of the Alpine ski resorts. Moritz, a favorite place of leisure for the representatives of royal dynasties, multi-millionaires, politicians, and show business stars. Today the settlement itself counts 5, residents; at the peak of the season you can add about 3, service personnel, as well as thousands of tourists.

This place has perfect conditions for downhill ski training: The total length of the regional downhill ski tracks is km, and the length of the cross country tracks is km.

Moritz is considered to be the "brightest" resort of Switzerland; there are sunny days a year. This explains why there is no shortage of tourists, even after the ski season is over in the summer, late spring, and the early fall.

During the warm seasons, tourists enjoy water cruisers, nice walks, bike rides, thermal water, stunning landscapes, and the elite ambience of the resort.

You can ride the air tram directly from St. Experienced skiers value this steep track for its ultimate challenge. Several luxurious ski resorts adjoin Corviglia station, including Piz Corvatsch 3, meter above the sea level. This is one of the most stunning places to ski.What we're talking about here is "biological immortality", although many biologists would probably rather we didn't use the phrase.

Biologically immortal organisms do die, but they don't seem to age. Backward-aging jellyfish.

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muzina_shanghai via Flickr. At the top of our immortal animals list is a tiny variety of jellyfish known as Turritopsis doohmii, or more commonly, the immortal jellyfish.

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Based in Ithaca, New York Kat Patton-vocals, Mike Vitucci-lead guitar, and lots of carefully. A species of jelly, Turritopsis dohrnii, is able to cheat death, curling into a ball (signaling the end for most species), only to grow from its own shriveled remains into an immature juveniles once more.

“ Escaping death and achieving potential immortality” writes the first scientists.

Immortal jellyfish

Meet the Amazonian Centipede, a large carnivorous centipede that is widely accredited as being the world's largest centipede, reaching a maximum length of about 35 cm (14 in)! Latest environmental news, features and updates. Pictures, video and more.

Turritopsis dohrnii - Wikipedia