Michael jordan influence

I say that MJ's story is a black power story, not the black power of protest and politics, but the black power of economics. Only 15 black executives have ever made it to the chairman or CEO position of a Fortune listed company. Of these 15 executives, there are currently six active.

Michael jordan influence

Jordan's Lasting Legacy

Only 15 black executives have ever made it to the chairman or CEO position of a Fortune listed company. Of these 15 executives, there are currently six active. There are currently no black majority-owned companies in the Fortune rankings.

That left 27 of the 30 teams without someone of color in at least one of their top executive positions, according to the racial and gender report card released by The Institute for Michael jordan influence and Ethics in Sport.

One with one of, if not the most, diversified staffs in all professional sports.

10 ways Michael Jordan has influenced me

One very similar to the makeup to the staff he helps cultivate at his other business venture with Nike, the Jordan Brand. As rapper Paris infamously said: Larry Miller, president of the Jordan Brand, says including himself, Michael Jordan has empowered minority business leaders.

These are athletes who express non-centrist attitudes by taking public stands and using current events as platforms to extend their power beyond what they do on the courts, fields, rings, pitches and in stadiums and arenas.

In the comprehensive context of Jordan "not being black enough," people miss how over Michael jordan influence years with his position in the Jordan Brand as CEO, the company is the only one inside of Nike that has had multiple African-American presidents. I worked with Nike frombut not with the Jordan brand.

Outside of Nike president Trevor Edwards, the execs at the Jordan Brand have always been the highest-ranking blacks in the parent company Nike. And no one gets it. His contribution to the race has been by providing power but not by voice.

We want our leaders and heroes to make noise. Nobody, black or white, made any money in sharecropping. It was a disastrous economic system. He kicked ass, came to own his own land, determined his own fate. His mishandling of operations and poor decision-making while with the Washington Wizards as director of basketball operations and as a player; his struggles at building a winning team and respectable franchise in Charlotte before he took over ownership from Bob Johnson; Jordan taking verbal and physical stands against teammates, opponents and management but never publicly saying anything about, say, the racial uprisings in L.

Much of his inaction is looked upon as Jordan only speaking out or getting involved when his personal income is directly related or possibly affected.

All of which is understandable. But is it fair without looking at the end results? Would Jordan being a more "vocal" role model have a greater impact than him being an "economic" one? Because in a society built around economics, oft times the best way to counter and take a stand against a Donald Sterling is not by boycotting Clipper games or players placing inside-out warm-ups a center court.

LeBron James has often lent public support to political topics. The importance of Michael Jordan as a player is matched by his being the only owner. It is critical for minority youth to see that there are options to battling the long odds to become a pro athlete and that there are many opportunities to work in the world of sport as team presidents, general managers, COOs and, yes, even as owners.

In the era of the Donald Sterling nightmare, the NBA and our society need Michael Jordan now more than ever and need other people of color to become owners in the near future. For blacks in America today, there has to be more than one way to take a stand and make a point.

And while everyone wants black celebrities to stand up and scream and rally behind certain causes, there needs to be some who make the same point in a different way.

Michael jordan influence

We need to be more than just loud and visibly present. Keith Harrison, associate professor in the DeVos Sport Business Management Graduate Program at the University of Central Florida, said via phone interview, "as someone who has studied this for a couple of decades, I feel we have to continue to maximize the access we get through our physicality and mentality as athletes and move over to the business side.

Economic leadership can be as important to a cause as political might. ESPN "We can debate does Michael need to join in and speak out more or is it more important for him to navigate the corporate structure and create opportunities for other minorities through the power and influence he does have?

It always leads to an uncomfortable reality.Billionaire Michael Jordan Has Zero Influence On Which Players Wear His Shoes, And The Reason Why Is Kind Of Strange By Travis Pulver on August 30, in Articles › Sports News Share on.

By acclamation, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Although, a summary of his basketball career and influence on the game inevitably fails to do it justice, as a phenomenal. How Michael Jordan influenced me.

10 ways Michael Jordan has influenced me. I found the following things to be key in his thinking and that have influenced me: Tagged michael jordan, michael jordan's influence.

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Top. Follow Me. Watch video · Follow the career of former basketball star Michael Jordan, from his college career to being the Chicago Bulls' MVP, to his multiple retirements, at attheheels.com Kobe Bryant really can't put into words how big of an impact Jordan had on his career.

In this culture of sports aesthetics, one of the most difficult things to do is separate Tinker Hatfield from the shoes he has designed for the brand named after Michael Jordan. It is much easier.

Michael Jordan's contribution to black issues greater than perceived