Motor vehicle report

Traffic law violations, convictions and fines. Whether your driver license is valid, suspended or cancelled. If you're looking for a free driver's license status check, a free drivers license lookup, or a free MVR report, most states charge a small fee to access your driving record. Beware of services that say you can check your driving record free online.

Motor vehicle report

Eye and hair color. Generally, an MVR only shows information for a specific number of years e. Car insurance companies use your motor vehicle report to determine their risk in insuring you.


For example, if you have a driver history riddled with moving violations and license suspensions, an auto insurance company might insure you at higher premiums than it would insure someone with a cleaner record.

Worse yet, it might not insure you at all. Simply put, the better your driving record, the better chance you have at getting affordable auto coverage. It's best to order your MVR before shopping for car insurance; this way, you'll be prepared for the company's quote.

Remove points from your driving record. As a general rule, auto insurance companies will look 5 years into your driver history; however, this can change based on your state and insurance company.

If you have any questions, ask your auto insurance agent. However, regardless of how long an infraction stays on your driving record, an auto insurance company still might only look back a certain number of years.

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This means the insurer might see the speeding ticket you got three years ago, but not the DUI conviction you received nine years ago. You also can order online with reputable third-party companies. Often, these companies provide faster service and, sometimes, at lower prices or for free.

Uncertified Copies Motor vehicle reports are requested as either certified or uncertified copies. Both types of reports contain the same information, but certified copies usually are required for certain official purposes. If you're ordering one to see what's on your record, you should not need an official copy.

Ordering a motor vehicle report is important for a variety of reasons. Not only can it give you a head's up on what to expect when your car insurance company comes back at you with a premium, but it is also used for other purposes, including: Some employers use driving records to determine whether to hire you for driving-related jobs.

Also, having a copy of your motor vehicle report can help you assess whether the information on your driving record is accurate.

Motor vehicle report

For example, if your state allowed you to complete traffic school to lower your driving record points but your MVR doesn't reflect that, you can take steps to correct your record before applying for car insurance quotes or employment. By the same token, if the time period for point removal has passed and you still see those points, you can contact your driver's license agency to inquire about having them removed.

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Instant Online Driving Records and Vehicle Reports. Since , Florida MVR Services Inc. has been the premier provider of Florida Driving Records, Vehicle Ownership Information and other Background Reports.

Authorized by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles as a Network Provider for Florida Driving Records (MVRs).

Please note that when you select one of these providers, you are leaving the U.S. Department of Justice web site and accessing the web site of an approved NMVTIS Vehicle History Report vendor that has agreed to provide NMVTIS reports to the public consistent with federal legal requirements.

Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) contain a minimum of the previous three years driving record.

What Is a Motor Vehicle Report?

MVR's are used by insurance companies and employers in the process of . Driving Record Information. Request Driving Records Online; Driver Record Codes Alphabetical Listing; MVR's / Data Requests; Contact Us.

Motor vehicle report

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