Outsourcing is bad for america

Outsourcing is good for the U. This has been an issue for many years. But is outsourcing bad for the economy? Bain Capital often purchased companies and then closed the domestic factories that these firms utilized to manufacture their products.

Outsourcing is bad for america

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But while protectionism might be a typical reaction, America's future depends on embracing trade. Efficiency and Outsourcing The reasons to support greater trade are based on solid economic principles such as comparative advantage.

As outlined by David Ricardo in the early 19th century, comparative advantage says that even if the United States had an absolute advantage in making all goods and services, it's still mutually beneficial to trade with another country.

Such trade allows the U. Simply put, Outsourcing is bad for america should focus on what one does best.

America is extremely good at innovating and starting new businesses -- and outsourcing boosts this efficiency. For instance, before it became easy for companies to outsource software coding jobs to India or elsewhere, a start-up in Silicon Valley would have to hire local labor at higher rates, driving up the cost of starting the business.

Outsourcing is bad for america

But if it's cheaper to hire labor, more businesses are likely to be created, spurring greater economic growth, investment and ultimately local job creation when companies re-invest their profits.

Fear and Hysteria Yes, outsourcing also creates new jobs in other countries, but the marketplace is not a zero-sum game.

Aside from the obvious benefit of helping pull poor countries out of the economic basement, it's also the case that by stimulating economic growth overseas, the U. Losing a job is never easy and, like the shift from an agricultural to a modern economy, outsourcing does temporarily displace workers.

The GAO report notes that "private researchers predict that offshoring [outsourcing offshore] may eliminatetoIT jobs within the next few years while others note that offshoring can also generate benefits such as lower prices, productivity improvements and overall economic growth.

As Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan put it, "A million American workers currently leave their jobs every week, two-fifths involuntarily A million, more or less, are also newly hired every week.

But since people are often upset by change, the issue easily takes on emotional tones. Politicians and media-types know this and use it to their advantage.


Politics and Popularity Both men know better. In visits to Silicon Valley, John Kerry has attempted to downplay his opposition to outsourcing and, in a private subscription email, Lou Dobbs praises the very companies he attacks for outsourcing.

On the Surface

In his article "Two Faces of Lou Dobbs," author James Glassman points out that on television Dobbs acts like an "antitrade zealot" with his "hit list" of companies diabolically outsourcing jobs.

But in letters to his private email subscription list, Dobbs praises those same companies for "leadership and innovation. While this week's GAO report refused to make any policy recommendations, unions seized on the publication as a way to convince others to help stop temporary loss of jobs.

But protectionism harms productivity and, therefore, the economic future of the nation. Public figures like Kerry and Dobbs should stop using such an important issue to score points with a fearful public.

Like the switch from an agricultural to a modern economy, outsourcing will bring temporary pain but long-term gains.Jun 30,  · Outsourcing "has contributed to the breakdown of cultural norms in which companies had their own employees who reflected values of the companies," said Appelbaum, who has studied subcontracting in.

Bad Public Relations. Outsourcing manufacturing often carries with it a stigma in the eyes of consumers. While some manufacturers provide living wages and safe working conditions to outsourced. As a monetary policymaker, my main concern is the health of the U.S. economy. Although the economy turned in a pretty sluggish performance for a long while after the recession, it has shown some real strength over the last few quarters in terms of output growth and productivity.

Outsourcing is bad for the American economy because it sends good jobs overseas, or, outsourcing is good for the American economy because it keeps the cost of goods and services down? Based on this definition of outsourcing, 77% of Americans say that outsourcing is bad for the U.S.

economy. Outsourcing Overseas and its Effect on the US. Economy A large majority of Americans believe outsourcing is bad for the U.S. economy. This view might be shared by as many as 71% of Americans.

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and to expand job creation in the U.S. Out sourcing allows America to focus on innovation and the use of highly skilled labor. It is important to. Outsourcing includes all of the functions an organization could have chosen to scale up to do internally, but chose to buy from other providers instead.

Many marketing services, for example, are routinely purchased from freelance writers and designers, advertising agencies, BPO .

Outsourcing is good for the U.S. economy