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In most universities you can and there are even funds provided for this purpose in some cases. Brendan Brown, Director of The Expert Editor, an Australian professional editing company that specialises in thesis editing, sent me this article recently.

Panel defense thesis

This comes from Sharia court laws in the Sharia states.

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Another feature of the bill, drawn from the same source, is its creation of a third institution, an official state Council of Ulama, which would have a role in the appointment and discipline of judges of the Sharia Courts, in the drafting of their rules of procedure, and even in advising the judges on questions of Islamic law when requested to do so.

There are other interesting details of the draft statute, but enough sense of it has been given. Altogether it puts forward an interesting set of proposals, based on an interesting set of arguments, all deserving of more detailed discussion and analysis than they have yet received.

But they were not well-received, even by the Muslim officials of Lagos State. When Muslim members Panel defense thesis the House of Assembly were approached and asked to sponsor the Sharia Courts Bill in the House, no member was willing to do so.

Initially, we were disappointed in some of them. They all want to leave that place for a higher place, they all have aspirations, political aspirations they have. So, all of them gave one reason or the other to dodge it.

A large part of the reason for this Panel defense thesis that the most powerful politician in the state, Governor Tinubu, was not sympathetic to the idea of Sharia courts.

The same thing happened in Oyo State with a very similar bill proposed for consideration there, and later in Osun State as well. Establishment of a Private Sharia Arbitration Tribunal The next-best option was establishment of a private tribunal—the ISP—that Lagos Muslims themselves would maintain and to which Muslims who wished to do so could bring their civil matters for adjudication under Islamic law.

This course had been proposed to the Lagos Muslims as long ago asbut never before implemented. Now at last it would be tried. The hope was that the ISP would gradually attract increasing numbers of Muslim litigants and financial support from the Muslim community, thus demonstrating a growing desire among Lagos Muslims for serious Islamic adjudication of the sort the ISP would provide.

Then perhaps political momentum would build for establishing Sharia courts at state expense. Permission was secured to use that mosque. A second location was added later, at the Central Mosque of the Estates on Victoria Island, a large housing project, to cater to Muslims from that side of the city.

At some point another important decision was made: This was done for two reasons. SCSN was established in by northern Muslims.

Its founder and national president is Dr. Ibrahim Datti Ahmed, a medical doctor from Kano. See Shariah College of Nigeria, http: The din in Nigeria and abroad was deafening. Historical Background, at vii, vii—xi Philip Ostien ed.

Panel defense thesis

SCSN rose up to speak up in defense of what Zamfara State was doing and to keep up the pressure on the reluctant governors of other northern states to do the same. SCSN has subsequently been critical of the governments of nominally Sharia states for not sincerely seeing Sharia implementation through.

In addition, SCSN undertook to promote Sharia implementation outside the north, to the extent allowed by local circumstances. To this end, state chapters of SCSN were formed. This call was not heeded: The same seems to be true of the new governor Babatunde Fashola, another Muslim and House of Assembly elected in They sought and apparently received permission from the commissioner of police to hold the launching on a certain date.

The venue was reserved, invitations went out, and costs were incurred. But when they got to the venue on the appointed day, they found it blocked by the police and the launching was not allowed to take place; everybody was sent away.

This too has gone nowhere. Applications were invited for the position of judges to sit on the panel. From the applicants, six judges were chosen based on their academic and professional credentials, their integrity, and the virtuous character they had displayed as active members of various Islamic groups for over a decade.

One of the six is a northerner: He has an LL. But he is apparently not admitted to the bar in Nigeria, so he has not practiced law there, except perhaps privately among the Muslim community.The thesis defense procedure may vary from college to college but generally you will be expected to announce your thesis defense appointment in your graduate department, and your committee is likely to meet before and after your defense.

Panel defense thesis

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