Sexism in football assessment

Chinese ladies playing cuju, by the Ming Dynasty painter Du Jin The first Olympic games in the modern era, which were in were not open to women, but since then the number of women who have participated in the Olympic games have increased dramatically. With the victory of Napoleon less than twenty years later, physical education was reduced to military preparedness for boys and men. In Germany, the physical education of GutsMuths included girl's education.

Sexism in football assessment

How to Write a Summary of an Article? We all dream of the day when women and men are treated with the same amount of respect, attention and understanding. But will this day ever come? Sexism should be non-existent and football is no exception. Picture this, a group of boys are playing a football match in the school playground, one of the girls in the class decides to join the game.

The boys are aware of her presence, but decide to ignore this fact and continue the match around her. She approaches the boys at the end of the match and asks: Professional football clearly has a huge effect on society. Even as a fan of football, a woman can still be a target of sexism.

It is clear to all football fans that it is pointless to support a club because of a good-looking or specifically skilful player; you have to love and believe in the whole team.

Football is a game that is meant to unite.

Sexism in football assessment

Bring people together, no matter of their background or way of life. So surely women should be respected and be as much of a part of the game as anyone else.

Sexism at this level is fairly controllable. Take for example, the ridiculous incident involving Sian Massey, the professional, fully qualified referee. The day when she assisted at the Liverpool vs Wolverhampton match.

But conflict also occurs off the pitch, with supporting roles, such as physiotherapists under attack. Sexism extends right to the top of the profession, as Sir Alex Ferguson proved inwhen a female physiotherapist applied for a job at Manchester United.

Surely, if a woman has the same training and experience as a man, she should have equal opportunity? But the difference in the wages of male and female footballers is ridiculous.

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To give you a rough idea of the extent, Lionel Messi, the best male player in the world, earns roughly? Both these people play the same game, both represent their country and they were both recently voted as the best players in the world; the only difference is their sex.

So why does Messi get paid times more than Marta? They were happy to express their feelings about the matter with us:The aviation giant employs 6, people in Wales and the announcement is described as 'extremely worrying'.

Sexism is football is on the rise despite strides forward being made A nother read: “A teenage female referee who had to travel to games with an older male official was sexually harassed, with inappropriate touching, on the journey.

As the Football Association and equality group Women in Football call for fans to report sexist abuse at games, BBC sports news correspondent Natalie Pirks describes her own experience of having chants directed at her while covering the sport.

Sexism in European Football Body paragraph: Sexism in European football as a matter of fact exists and has negative effects on the society, especially women society.

Sexism in football assessment

Starting off with the most recent act of sexism in European football, it would be worth pointing out the issues that female football players are facing for the FIFA World Cup For the Women’s World Cup, the FIFA installs turfs, instead of . Without mentioning president, Sens. Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee back U.S.

intelligence assessment of Russian election interference. Sexism is football is on the rise despite strides forward being made A nother read: “A teenage female referee who had to travel to games with an older male official was sexually harassed, with.

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