The need for stronger bullying laws

November 4, By Maggie Clark Once considered a teenage rite of passage, bullying is now the subject of hundreds of state laws and a rallying cry for pundits, parents and celebrities.

The need for stronger bullying laws

Here are a few stories for you. A couple of year ago I knew of a girl who was a bit slow and had a speech impediment. She was so nice but got picked on non stop. Another girl threatened to slit her throat.

I confronted the girl about it, but it only seemed to make things worse. Not knowing what to do I told someone at the school. If it had happened to me and it had in different situations I would of just laughed and told her to stick it.

The other girl though was scared and stopped coming to school, so I informed one of the teachers there about it. The teacher asked the girl who was being bullied about it and she told her what happen.

So the teacher went and asked 'the bully' if it was true. Of course she said no. So the teacher told the other girl there was nothing she could do about it. So what does a pissed off bogan do when she thinks someone has been talking about her? She gave my friend a black eye.

And then what did they do about it? No one saw it happen and that was the end of that. At that same school in about year 10 there was this ditz who ran the school council.

The need for stronger bullying laws

In PE some class were playing spoon races. Some person that didn't like her threw an egg at her back. She broke into tears. Later in class some people came around and started talking about it.

Later I saw the girl leaving the school sobbing in her mothers arms.

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The girl that threw the egg got suspended. At another school in a different state I had gotten into an argument with this guy. He was an idiot and I had no intentions of fighting him. If it had come to that though, I'm sure it wouldn't have been that bad.

I can throw a punch and he looked a bit like a broom stick. Well I didn't think it was that bad of course until 5 or so of his friends come to beat the living bejesus out of me.

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This happened on school ground mind you. So i've been to some pretty horrible schools, but seriously, most Australian public schools are the same, and i've moved a lot so I've had the full experience. We get told of a zero tolerance policy, which is so untrue.

The problem is that we get told since primary school that if you want people to leave you alone, you have to ignore them. That's not true at all. You have to stand up for yourself or you'll be a victim your whole life.

Well, I went a bit off track there but my point is that does it damage someone less to get a black eye while under age? Does it not effect someone as much?Be Strong is a national non-profit organization focused on preventing bullying using a comprehensive student-led approach.

The need for stronger bullying laws

#BeStrong #ICanBeStrong SSUSA is now Be Strong: South Florida based organization determined to provide resources to stop bullying, help teens facing depression and save lives among the youth of America.

Contrary to what many believe, Canada has a strong set of legal and civil laws available for online bullying cases including laws against child pornography, the sexual exploitation of children.

Key Components in State Anti-Bullying Laws Below are examples of key components that may be useful to those who are creating or improving anti-bullying laws or policies in their states. Any citations to state laws are intended to . Bullying, cyberbullying, and related behaviors may be addressed in a single law or may be addressed in multiple laws. In some cases, bullying appears in the criminal code of a state that may apply to juveniles. Mar 30,  · Stronger Bullying laws are needed, Yes or No? This is in regards to that 19 yr old girl that committed suicide after being bullied by a group for about 3 months. I think adding something like a short course to schools is helpful by giving young people the tools to know what to Resolved.

Bullying, cyberbullying, and related behaviors may be addressed in a single law or may be addressed in multiple laws. In some cases, bullying appears in the criminal code of a state that may apply to juveniles. Yes, we need anti-bullying laws, but there are real risks in over-focusing on the laws as the only or even the best way to curb bullying.

Here are a few problems with that approach: The huge amount of time and energy required to create and enact laws takes time, energy .

The Need for Stronger Bullying Laws Bullying is a very negative action and creates major problems in our society. Nothing good ever comes out of bullying someone.

Workplace Bullying: Do We Need a Law? July 18, but workforce advocates say that stronger “status-blind” laws are needed.

Many employers oppose such laws. “Making a federal or state.

49 States Now Have Anti-Bullying Laws. How's that Working Out?