The negotiable instruments law act no

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The negotiable instruments law act no

PERSONS AND FAMILY RELATIONS Cases, recitations and lectures; 4 hours a week; 5 units A basic course on the law of persons and the family which first views the effect and application of laws, to examine the legal norms affecting civil personality, marriage, property relations between husband and wife, legal separation, the matrimonial regimes of absolute community, conjugal partnership of gains, and complete separation of property; paternity and filiation, adoption, guardianship, support, parental authority, surnames, absence and emancipation, including the rules of procedure relative to the foregoing.

CRIMINAL LAW 1 Cases, recitations and lectures; 3 hours a week; 3 units A detailed examination into the characteristics of criminal law, the nature of felonies, stages of execution, circumstances affecting criminal liability, persons criminally liable; the extent and extinction of criminal liability as well as the understanding of penalties in criminal law, their nature and theories, classes, crimes, habitual delinquency, juvenile delinquency, the Indeterminate Sentence Law and the Probation Law.

The course covers Articles of the Revised Penal Code and related laws. LEGAL WRITING Lectures, reading and practical work; 2 hours a week; 2 units An introduction of legal writing techniques; it involves applied legal bibliography, case The negotiable instruments law act no and reporting analysis, legal reasoning and preparation of legal opinions or memoranda.

LEGAL RESEARCH Lectures, reading and practical work; 2 hours a week; 2 units; The course will introduce structures to the methodology of legal research and the preparation of legal opinions, memoranda, or expository or critical paper on any subject approved by the faculty member teaching it.

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It also includes the logical organization of legal language and logical testing of judicial reasoning. LEGAL ETHICS Cases, recitations and lectures; 3 hours a week; 3 units A course that focuses on the canons of legal ethics involving the duties and responsibilities of the lawyer with respect to the public or society, the bar or legal profession, the courts and the client.

SALES Cases, recitations and lectures; 2 hours a week; 2 units An in-depth consideration of the provisions of the Civil Code on the contract of sale, its nature and form, the obligations of the vendor and the vendee, warranties, contract, and conventional and legal redemption.

The course includes assignment of credits and incorporeal rights, the Bulk Sales Law, and the Nationalization Law. These rules cover ordinary Civil Actions.

Provisional Remedies and Special Civil Actions. The study of the rules is supplemented by a study of applicable jurisprudence. LABOR LAW II Cases, recitations and lectures; 3 hours a week; 3 units Study of the general principles of the Labor Code, Book V of the Labor Code on Labor Relations, governing areas on government machinery, labor practices, representation issue; collective bargaining and administration agreements, grievance machinery and voluntary arbitration, lockouts, strikes and other concerted activities; Book VI on Post-Employment, covering areas such as classes of employees, termination of employment and retirement; Book VII on penal provisions of the Labor Code and prescription of Actions and claims.

The study includes existing laws protecting the environment and the ecosystem and prevailing rules against despoliation of the environment.

It also includes registration of deeds involving registered property. INSURANCE Cases, recitations, and lectures; 2 hours a week; 2 units A study of the Insurance Code and related laws, including the concept and functions of insurance, the nature of the insurance contract, insurable interests, special forms of insurance and government regulations of the insurance business.

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The course also takes up rules of procedure on the settlement and administration of the estate of deceased persons. TAXATION I Cases, recitations, and lectures; 3 hours a week; 3 units The general principles of taxation and statutory provisions on income taxation, including pertinent revenue regulations.

The negotiable instruments law act no

The course includes in depth analysis of the applicable common law and commercial principles underlying the various relationships in the corporate setting, with emphasis on the corporation being a medium for business enterprise and a means of providing for the equity investment market. The course includes the study of the pertinent provisions of The Securities Regulation Code.

It also deals with the art of effective oral advocacy. The professor prepares a complaint, an answer and reply. These pleadings shall constitute the records upon which the trial shall be conducted. The lawyers, litigants, and witnesses are all members of the class and the professor acts as judge.

The negotiable instruments law act no

It is made obligatory upon the students acting as lawyers, to argue their cases orally immediately after the evidence is closed. This phase of the subjects is important, because it cultivates in the students the habit of noting down or remembering the important facts and trains them in the art of arguing cases off hand on the basis of the evidence presented.

The judge renders his decision in writing. The class assumes that the case tried previously is brought to the Appellate Court. The professor in charge act as lawyers for the appellant and appellee who shall argue their case orally on the basis of the records prepared previously.

The judge renders his decision. TAXATION LAW REVIEW Cases, recitations and lectures; 3 hours a week; 3 units; An integration of the general principles of taxation, income, transfer, value-added and other percentage taxes, special excise taxes on certain goods and miscellaneous taxes provided in the National Internal Revenue Code, including revenue regulation, court of tax appeals and the general principles on tariff and customs duties and local taxation.

Pasay City, Philippines Tel.(10) “Presently exercisable general power of appointment” means, with respect to property or a property interest subject to a power of appointment, power exercisable at the time in question to vest absolute ownership in the principal individually, the principal’s estate, the principal’s creditors, or the creditors of the principal’s estate.

Application of Act. 1 The rules of law enacted and declared by this Act are part of the law of British Columbia and must be applied in all courts in British Columbia. Negotiable Instruments Act, on Dishonour of Security Cheques: Cases of cheque bounce are not uncommon these days.

In most of the transactions be it re-payment of loan or payment of fees for business purpose, payments are made by cheque. HER MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, enacts as follows: Definition.

1 In this Act, "common-law partner" of a person means (a) another person who, with the person, registered a common-law relationship under section of The Vital Statistics Act, and who is cohabiting with the person, or.

The following Act of Parliament received the assent of the President on the 2nd August, , and is hereby published for general information:— THE NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS (AMENDMENT) ACT, NO. 20 OF [2nd August, ] An Act further to . THE NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS ACT, [26 of , dt.

As amended by Act, An Aci to define the law relating promissory notes, bills of exchange cheques.

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